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VALUE: $550,000.00

PROJECT BRIEF: Tender to Construct 4 x Compliant Tennis Courts on an Asphalt Pavement. Works to include earthworks, excavation, crushed rock base, Asphalt Pavement, Fencing, LED Lights and book a court system, Acrylic Hard Court Surface, Furniture, footpaths, viewing areas.

Cardinia Shire Council put out to Tender, this project which involved the demolition of two existing Tennis Courts and the construction of 4 x new tennis courts at Cochrane Park Tennis Club in Koo Wee Rup.

A.S.Lodge were grateful to the Cardinia Shire Council for being chosen to build these courts along with a further two in Catani which was another Tender run concurrently. Initially the council was keen to adopt a flexible pavement using fine crushed rock and asphalt. However once the initial site strip was performed it was obvious the CBR of the subgrade was insufficient to hold a flexible pavement without extensive improvement and cost. Our design team put together a proposal to construct a heavy duty concrete pavement which was adopted by the council engineering department.

The project required earthworks to the existing sub-grade to get it to a standard capable of supporting the new pavements, and then the importation and placement of a 100mm capping layer of Class 2 Crushed Rock. A 150mm reinforced (SL92) concrete pavement was adopted and installed complete with stiffening edge beams.
The main drainage to be installed , consisted of 225mm UPVC pipes and associated pits, which was then discharged to the existing storm water system of Cochrane Park 

We at A.S.LODGE were able to construct these courts in direct line with the specification, design and other tender requirements.

Low level LED lights were designed to minimise any light spill to the surrounding residents. This low level lighting was still able to present in excess of 400lux per court (PPA) and with a uniformity of 0.75 these lights were wired back to a Book-a-Court control system that allowed for public access to the courts in line with council philosophy.

The resulting facility provides a state of the art , attractive, modern and fully serviceable Tennis Court Facility to the Cardinia Shire and its constituents. We at A.S.Lodge are both grateful and proud that we were given the opportunity to be involved in this impressive infrastructure project.

Monash University Tennis Club

Clayton Campus
Wellington Rd Clayton
CLIENT: Monash University
VALUE :$2.3million

PROJECT BRIEF: A design was presented by Sporteng via the Monash University to a select number of tenderers. After extensive consultation the tender list was shortlisted to 2 contractors. A S Lodge were able to prove their expertise during post tender evaluation discussions and were selected for the total rebuild. The site consisted of 8 Plexipave courts that were originally built in the 1980s. these courts had failed on several occasions and it was decided to completely rebuild the courts. The design included excavating over 900mm (in some areas over 1200mm) to find a firm and sound subgrade. Multiple layers of crushed rock complete with 2 layers of geotextile were installed to overcome the localised ground movement. Finally, a single layer of hot mix asphalt was installed to a tolerance of +/- 4mm was installed to create the perfect base for the final Plexipave which was installed using Australian Open 2 tone blue.

Each layer of the crushed rock was surveyed to ensure compliance and compaction tests were also undertaken regularly.

The university chose an asymmetrical design LED light fitting to provide in excess of 350 lux. These fittings were installed on 18m high tapered poles. All switching for the lights was run to a control centre in the Sports and rec centre some 300m away.

Stainless steel grated covers was installed to trench drainage on all low sides of the court. This drainage was then connected to the university’s mains storm water pipes via sump pits for future maintenance.

Heavy duty (90mm od) fence posts were installed to a concrete plinth (450mm wide) around the perimeter and up the centre of the courts. This heavy-duty fencing will allow the university to install full shade / wind screens to all or any fences. The fence was left slightly elevated along sides of the courts where maintenance is required to clear gum leaves.

The Plexipave surfacing was installed with lines for both tennis (8 courts) and netball (2 courts). Rollaway tennis netposts and nets were installed to allow rapid change between tennis and netball when required by the Sports department.

As timing was essential to the university A.S. Lodge employed their Project Manager full time at this project and further supported him with constant input from company engineer and administration. The university were extremely happy with the final result and timeline for the construction.

Traralgon South Tennis Club

Cats Drive, Traralgon South
CLIENT : La Trobe City
VALUE: $635,000.00

PROJECT BRIEF: Reconstruct 4 courts that had become unusable due to subgrade movement. It appeared as if a natural water stream had risen under the courts which had made the entire pavement completely unstable. It was necessary to design and construct the 4 courts to the highest level and in doing so improve the total amenity by installing the latest in LED lighting and new retaining walls to stabilise the surroundings. The courts were to allow for 4 tennis and 2 netball courts to accommodate the needs of the community.

After stripping the old pavement away from the existing surface the full extent of the pavement failure became evident. Any subsurface drainage that had previously been installed had failed or had been damaged during previous works. The subgrade was described by our engineers as ‘soup’.

Our engineers designed a series of AG drains to drain the subgrade. These were put in at depth of approximately 1200 mm. once we were happy that the majority of the free water had been extracted from the subgrade we excavated 900 – 1000 of the unstable material and removed it from site. A Tensar grid was installed over the exposed subgrade and layers of crushed rock / clay fill was installed to gain a stable working platform upon which the courts court be constructed. A further layer of geogrid was then installed prior to further layers of 40mm crushed rock. Our team them excavated stiffening beams around the perimeter of the courts to ensure a sound and stable pavement could be constructed.

Our design team them selected a 150mm reinforced concrete pavement to counter any future sub-pavement movement . this was designed with all the necessary expansion joints and the like to present a long lasting playing surface.

Full high level LED lighting was installed to the 2 main tennis courts complete with stand alone switching cabinet and controls. These lights were tested to show an average 365 lux over the PPA which was an excellent result.

The club were intent on the highest level playing surface for its members. They finally chose our top rated HAS cushioned acrylic, supplied by CSS. This involved adhering a 4mm rubber mat to the prepared concrete base. Multiple layers of acrylic filler were applied prior to the final playing surface. The southern courts were coated with Plexipave acrylic surfacing and lined for both tennis and netball thus presenting a perfect multiuse facility.

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Client reviews

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I feel that the resultant court is superbly constructed and know that it is superb to play on.

K. Strible, Traralgon

I was very impressed with the speed with which you dealt with the minor hiccups throughout the project.

C. Webb, Mt. Martha

I just played tennis on the courts at Yarra Glen Tennis Club, and want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

Tennis Player, Yarra Glen

Everyone at AS Lodge were always helpful and willing to assist with any concerns we may have had. 

P. Kounnas, Doncaster

Your integrity and control of yesterday's situation was most reassuring that I had made the correct decision in choosing your company.

J. Pokinhorne, Mill Park

A S Lodge carried out a full resurfacing of our 28 year old tennis court with a new concrete base and synthetic grass. From the initial discussions with Richard and innovative approach to the final sign off with Sandy the complete experience was one of minimal inconvenience and complete satisfaction.

The concrete team and then the grass laying team were efficient and extremely fast in their execution of their tasks.

The finished result is what looks like a brand new court.

We are extremely satisfied in our choice of A S Lodge, and would recommend them to anyone in the future.

Once again thanks for a great project.

Graeme A – Mornington Peninsular

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